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Basketball Funhouse

So many fun things happen in basketball. We'll try to keep track of them here.

Episode 42 - Proline Picks - Freddie takes the lead, Matt falls! Guests are close to jumping up. Poor Kev. Haha

Episode 41 Proline Picks. Tough week for everyone with GState and OKC losing. Freddie and Matt remain tied for first!

Episode 40 Proline Picks. Huge sweep for Ned helps the guests gain in the standings. Freddie and Matt pull into a tie for first, while Kevin goes 2-3 on the week to remain in last.

Episode 39, New Year's Eve Picks and wins! Matt still narrowly leads Freddie.

Episode 38 Proline picks/results!

Episode 37, we got our Pro-Line Picks and our producer remains the leader with a flawless 9-0 record!

Freddie, giving his best take on a Pearl Jam/Beatles mashup. My Apologies to Nirvana.
"Got to Believe It's Eddie Vedder" by Freddie and the Beatles

In Episode 4.36, hosts, producer and guests made Pro Line Picks on the following games. Matt is flawless!

Season Premiere for Season 04 (ep 4.35): Here are Freddie and Kevin's award predictions and final playoff standings.

Can't wait for him to be honored at the ACC.

One of those "where were you when...?" moments. Devastating. I was in bed. -Matt

On episode 3.22, we made our award predictions for the year. Can wait to see a Walters/Popovich power couple!

Chuck Hayes will probably not be a Raptor next year, but we (Matt) still love him. Our tribute:

Some Confederacy of Dunks fan art?

New Raptors D-League team is letting Bruno pick the players.

Can't wait for the new Jurassic Park movie!

Close-up of an offical NBA basketball.

Paul Pierce hits a late three and yells "Series" at the Atlanta bench. What you don't see is the sweet justice eight seconds later where Washington loses the game and goes down 3-2 in the series.

Maybe this can help us feel a little better through these tough Raptors struggles.

Kevin Garnett gave the clap to Varejao.

These Jalen Rose stories are the best. Vince "wouldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight."

This is exactly what happens when you try to pound Matt.

You're supposed to watch this insane Vine compilation without blinking, like at all.

Brandon Knight = the "Charlie-Brown-trying-to-kick-a-football" of the NBA

He could be the next Larry Bird.

Because this should be on every single list. Even grocery lists:

This guy has been giving hope to anyone under 6 feet who has a dream to be in the NBA:

Hands down, Jordan's most famous dunk: